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Wood Bedroom Furniture Painting Tips

Wood Bedroom Furniture Techniques

Wood bedroom furniture is often used for homeowners to furnish their home. It is because wood bedroom furniture can produce both contemporary and classic look, and it is elegant too. Some people prefer to let the furniture pieces in their natural wood color. However, some of them may be interested to paint them since solid paints can make the furniture look clean. There are various colors that can be chosen to match the color of the rest of the bedroom. Painting the wooden furniture is also one of the ways to give a little touch and even to change the look of the current bedroom.

wood bedroom style, classic wood bedroom furniture

However, painting wood bedroom furniture is not that easy. It needs certain techniques to result in durable and smooth painting. But you do not need to worry about that as if you are willing to learn the techniques and steps, you can paint the furniture yourself. First of all you should know the best paint that you can use to paint wood bedroom furniture. According to some sources, a low sheen or gloss is recommended because it can be cleaned easily and it is durable as well. When you work on painting wood bedroom furniture, you can either paint them in the room or outside the room. If the pieces are not heavy, why don’t you move them for a while? This is done to protect the floor and bedding from drips. But if the pieces are heavy enough, you can still paint the room. But, do not forget to lay a drop cloth on the furniture of floor that you are going to protect.

 wood bedroom elegant, black wood bedroom furniture

Wood Bedroom Furniture Paint Ideas

Take apart the pieces of the wood bedroom furniture. For instance, you must remove the drawers from the dressers or remove the headboard and the frame from the beds, etc. Next, roughen the surface of the wood bedroom furniture you are going to paint using sandpaper until it is even and smooth. Stripper should also be applied to remove protective coating or any clear coat. Then, clean the residue using hot water. modern wood bedroom style

After that, it is the time to apply a latex paint to the wood bedroom furniture. Use a high quality of paintbrush, usually made of nylon, for better painting result. Allow it to dry before you use the furniture. Usually it will take at least overnight for the furniture to dry. After it dries, you can use the wood bedroom furniture.

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