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Solid Bedroom Furniture Cleaning Tips

Solid Bedroom Furniture Wood Quality

Solid bedroom furniture is usually made of solid wood such as cherry, maple, and the like. Since the quality of the wood is excellent, it can be a valuable investment if you buy solid bedroom furniture. As solid wood have different nature from other woods, slightly different maintenance is required. If you want to make your bedroom furniture attractive and durable for decades, you have to promptly treat stains, scratches, and nicks. This sometimes makes people to get reluctant to buy bedroom furniture made of solid wood. They think that the maintenance is quite complicated. But if you learn the tips to clean solid bedroom furniture, it will not be that difficult.

Solid Bedroom Furniture

Usually the manufacturers of solid bedroom furniture have already given the proper cleaning instruction including the instruction for specific care. You have to follow the instruction suggested by the manufacturers. For regular cleaning, you just need to dust your solid bedroom furniture with a soft cloth once a week. Before you dust the surface of the furniture pieces, you need to remove things on them. Instead of sliding the items, lift them careful since sliding can cause wood scratch. Of course you do not want this happen to your solid bedroom furniture, right? That is why you should be careful in cleaning the furniture.

Solid Bedroom Furniture Preserve from Broken

To remove existing wax on your solid bedroom furniture, choose soap without alkaline. Gently remove the wax using a soft cloth. Use a paste wax to re-wax the solid bedroom furniture. You can do this once a tear to make the furniture look best all the time. If there are scratches, you can polish the wood. A reddish shoe polish can be used to treat the scratches. Make sure that the polish matches the wood color. Once you finish polishing the furniture, apply furniture wax. Sometimes you will also find water marks on your furniture. If this happens, you should iron the area with warm temperature set. Place a damp cloth before you iron it. As an alternative, toothpaste and mayonnaise can also be effective. Rub gently the area and give a final touch of re-wax.

Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture

Furthermore, to clean alcohol and milk stains on the solid bedroom furniture, you can use ammonia. Rub the area using a cloth. Again, do not forget to re-apply wax. In addition, a solution of lemon juice and cigarette ash is effective to clean white marks on the solid bedroom furniture.

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