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Small Kitchen Design in Italian Look

Small Kitchen Design Have Colors to Balance

I am planning to redesign my kitchen because I am already bored with its look. I am a housewife who uses this space every single day so it is easy for me to get bored with its look. Actually my kitchen is not really big. That is why I need a small kitchen design that will turn my dull kitchen into a fresh and extravagant kitchen. When I searched some ideas from some magazines, there was a design in Italian look that attracted my eye. I became falling in love with the design because as seen in the picture, the kitchen looked very classy and unique as well.  I think the power of Italian design is on the paint, furniture, and accessories. Of course we do not need to go to Italy just to get the pieces used for decorating the kitchen. From the magazines, I learn some tips that can be used to create Italian small kitchen design.

Small Kitchen Design ItalianIf you agree with me that a small kitchen design in Italian look is very attractive, I will share some tips to create that kind of kitchen. Since Italian design is identical with Mediterranean flair, you can create a faux stucco wall to bring this flair into play. You might think that Italian design incorporate dark colors such as burgundies or heavy deep oranges. But remember that here we work with a small kitchen design. If we apply such heavy colors, the kitchen will be even smaller. Therefore, lighter colors are more recommended because they can give warm tones that do not make the kitchen will stuffy. Colors like sage, tan, cream, and red can make the kitchen look astonishing.

Small Kitchen Design with Wood Cabinets

Italian kitchen design can also be set through kitchen cabinets. The current cabinets in my kitchen are traditional cabinets made of wood. To turn the traditional look of the cabinets, I can just sand and stain them a heavy reddish-brown. No matter what your current cabinets are, do not think to buy new cabinets for the new small kitchen design.  What you need to do is just to repaint and change out the handles.

Italian Small Color Kitchen Design and Tables Chairs PicturesI can’t wait for the furniture shopping for my new small kitchen design. But my husband always reminds me to save some money. So, he suggests me to just redesign what I already have at home. For example, I can stain my wooden dining table a deep warm brown to get the Italian treat. In order to save money, I prefer to shop in thrift stores. Here I can buy some antiques for my small kitchen design.

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