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Shabby Chic Furniture for Your Home Decor

Shabby Chic Furniture Combination Color Design

Shabby Chic Furniture Color for Balance RoomNowadays, shabby chic furniture is reaching its popularity. What kind of furniture it is? Typically this kind of furniture has rustic and country cottage style. This type of furniture is different from other types of furniture in a way that it has special patterns, palette, and finishes. In order to use this furniture in your home decor, what you need is for example adding some repurposed accessories like family heirlooms, flea markets, and DIY projects. Are you interested to give a new looking to your home decor using shabby chic decor? There are some tips of changing existing furniture to shabby chic furniture as follows.

Shabby chic furniture can be recognized from its distinctive palette. Choose faded tones, muted colors, or icy pastels. There are some colors that should be avoided like moody colors, dark colors, and jewel tones. If you love white, opt for the antique white rather than bright one. White shabby chic furniture is suitable for large furniture so it can be the backdrop for other shabby chic accents. For example, large white cabinet can be filled by pieces in rose pink, muted mustard, sea foam green, or faded cornflower blue. Purchase furniture which features chipped or distressed paint. This will make the shabby design prominent in the room.

Shabby Chic Furniture Kind Style

To define the room, create a focal point of shabby chic furniture. The choice of furniture may be different for each room. For a kitchen or dining room, you can add a wide wooden table in a farmhouse style to be the focal point. Pair the table with other pieces of shabby chic furniture such as chairs made of metal with one-sided cushions. A bench is another good idea too. For shabby chic living room, you can place a muted chintz sofa with a round coffee table made of wood. Paint the wooden table in sunny yellow or antique white. To create a shabby chic bedroom, you can add wrought-iron frame to the bed.

Cheap Shabby Chic FurnitureAccessories are parts of shabby chic furniture that work well to give rustic atmosphere in your home decor. Instead of shopping for new shabby chic furniture, just use your creativity if simple do-it-yourself project. For instance, you can make shelves from vintage wooden drawers by repainting and nailing them to the wall. Or, refinish your antique table for a new different look. Some other pieces may only need new paint and finishes to create a shabby chic look in your room.


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