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SEI Mirage Mirrored Cabinet Review

SEI Mirage Mirrored Cabinet Furniture Any Room

Cabinets or often called as armoires come in many different styles. Some of them may only have one door while the bigger ones may have two doors. The number of drawers and shelves also varies. Some cabinets are designed to save floor space such as those installed in wall or placed in the corner of the room. They also have a lot of features. A mirrored cabinet always becomes a perfect addition for any room. You can place it in the living room, bedroom, or hallway. Cabinets have a lot of uses. Generally people use them as storage space to store clothing, toys, and even house hold equipment. Bigger cabinets can function as a TV stand as well. SEI Mirage mirrored cabinetis able to give a flattering remark to your home due to its mirrored finish that glamorously breaks the room.

SEI Mirage Mirrored Cabinet Multi Function

The unique look of SEI Mirage mirrored cabinet really catches any eye. This cabinet has a practical size. It can accommodate a lot of functions. The cabinet comes with lots of features such as two drawers and large storage space with large double doors. The doors are equipped with faux crustal knobs. The trim is made of wood and it is finished with silver paint, making the cabinet looks more elegant. If you buy online, you may be only able to see the picture from the front part. You may wonder whether the back is mirrored. No, it is not. The back is a thin rough wood. They look breathtaking when they are up adjacent to a wall for nightstands. The back has silver parts which look like metal. But when you feel it, you will realize that they are painted wood. What a cool cabinet, it is.

You may ask whether SEI Mirage mirrored cabinet is easy to be polished up. You may be afraid when the cabinet gets very finger-printed or flawed looking? Finger prints don’t appear although the wood is quite thin. You can clean the cabinet using Windex glass cleaner. It can be concluded that the maintenance is very simple. It is clear that owning this cabinet offers a number of benefits. First, the unit livens up the room. It may add a charming or even old-fashioned look to the room. Second, it provides the benefit of storage space. It is the best storage solution for a room that does not have a closet.

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