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Since many years ago, decorating outdoor space has become popular. Perhaps you still remember about the classic picnic table made of redwood and the Aunt Bert’s porch glider. Those are the example of vintage patio furniture that inspires modern outdoor design. Those classic pieces are now reproduced and restored so we can use them to decorate our garden and outdoor area. In the end of the 19th century, mid class society often placed wicker and wood furniture outside the home to enjoy some entertainments. This kind of furniture was called “patio” when it began to be popular in California. At that time, various types of furniture were used in outdoor areas to entertain guests and family. Nowadays, patio furniture develops into more creative way. It includes kitchen-grade appliances, fireplaces, and arbors to warm the cool evenings. Due to the growth of technology, engineered materials and new synthetics are also used.

Patio Furniture Sofa Chair Outdoor DesignVintage style on patio furniture does not always mean that the furniture is old and classic. Patio furniture in vintage style can be made of new materials to create new styles. For example, glider settee and standard steel chairs are made of folded steel with molded seats. These chairs have flower-or-sea shells shaped backs. These items were very popular after World War II. They were often found on porches and patios. In the 1960s, outdoor furniture was very common. Every home decorated their backyard and garden with outdoor furniture. The quality of patio was getting better. Furniture makers started to construct slatted backs and seats and laminate the surface with solid metal to protect wood furniture from mildew and water.

Patio Furniture Vintage Wrought Iron to Aluminum

Since then, patio furniture gained favor. Vintage patio furniture varies from wrought iron to wrought aluminum. The surface is often laminated with glass. There are also various decoration ideas such as using a big umbrella and other decorative ideas are widely used. No wonder if people then fall in love with outdoor decoration.

Cheap Chairs Patio Furniture StyleIf you are interested with vintage patio furniture, you should consider several things. Besides its price which may be a little bit more expensive, you may prepare additional cost for refurbishing and maintenance since glue and wood shrinks may dry out with time. You should also maintain your vintage patio furniture careful to avoid rust. Antique furniture is typically made of cast iron or genuine antique steel that can be easily rust. If the weather is extreme, keep the cushions inside when they are not in use.


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