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Outdoor Teak Furniture Maintenance

Outdoor Teak Furniture Protection Color and Clean with Teak Oil

Outdoor teak furniture is preferable due to its durability. Teak wood lasts for long time. However, you should care for it properly to keep its beauty. If you never maintain your outdoor teak furniture, a gray patina will appear. Of course this ruins the beauty of the furniture. If this happens, you can just have it restored. But, it is better if you do regular cleaning and oiling to preserve the teak furniture. Besides, when it is not in use during winter months, move the furniture inside. If you want to make your furniture always look new as the first time you bought it, you can follow these instructions below. You should buy teak oil to give protection to your outdoor teak furniture as this oil will keep the natural color of teak wood. Apply a generous amount of the oil on the furniture surface. Then, use a piece of old cloth to rub the furniture. If your skin is sensitive to such oil, wear rubber gloves while working with the teak oil. Work the teak oil in the same direction of the wood grain. Make sure that you oil the entire surface by starting at the top to the bottom. After you finished oiling, let the furniture dry for some time before being used. Oiling the outdoor teak furniture works best if you do it regularly at least once in three months.

Outdoor Teak Furniture Commercial Cleaner

Outdoor teak furniture is also potential for mildew and mold to grow. In order to remove them, you can buy a teak cleaner that is commercially sold in the market. Usually the manufacture of your outdoor teak furniture already recommends a particular commercial cleaner to use. Read and follow the direction carefully when using the cleaner. If you prefer to natural way of cleaning, you can use vinegar and baking soda as the replacement of the commercial cleaner.

The weather outside can be very harmful for your outdoor teak furniture. UV rays from the sun and other outdoor elements, for instance, can damage the furniture. Considering storing outdoor teak patio furniture when not in use, therefore, is one of the ways to preserve the look. In winter where the temperature is very cold, for example, people may get reluctant to spend days outside. Thus, you can store outdoor teak furniture inside to keep it looking new. Or, you can protect the furniture with waterproof outdoor furniture cover.


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