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Scandinavian designs are definitely appealing. If your home is decorated in Scandinavian designs, of course you should incorporate Scandinavian designed furniture that goes with the room. One of the important elements of Scandinavian home designs is the floor lamp. Scandinavian floor lamps can be finished in metal, wood, etc. People tend to use Scandinavian wood floor lamp because it looks more classic and elegant. Where can we buy such lamps? They are available just anywhere such as at high street stores and vintage furniture shops. But it is recommended to buy the lamps at Scandinavian Designs. This store has been opened since 1960s in California. Now there have been hundreds of stores around the world. The stores import furniture from many countries to get the best selections of wood floor lamps. Only those which have quality are sold in the stores. They are sold with exceptional service to make customers glad and satisfied. Visit the nearest stores to see the collections. Once you buy a wood floor lamp there, you will come back again next time.

Scandinavian wood floor lamp is typically soft in color and subdued in style. It reflects the style in the 18th. Although the furniture style is evolved from the past time, it does not mean that Scandinavian furniture styles are all traditional. Depending on your preference, you can get a traditional or modern look. For modern look, the floor lamps are generally made of wood, heavy, and well-crafted. Meanwhile traditional Scandinavian furniture style is often distressed and painted to look rustic and old. The combination of classic look and natural brightness from the lamp is very impressive. Wooden floor lamps alone are not enough to give the best impression. Incorporate in the room other elements like Scandinavian walls, floors, ceilings, seats, cushioning, accessories, etc.

Scandinavian Wood Floor Lamp Variety Design

There is a variety of Scandinavian wood floor lamp. Due to the great collection, you can choose a floor lamp that complements your home decor. For mid-century modern lighting, consider Wakayama wooden floor lamp. This lamp is very affordable. It is only $69.00. This lamp is a perfect addition for any rooms in the house. You can put it in the bedroom, living room, hallways, etc. It has a black base and a white shade. It is very pretty. The other similar lamp is Shizuka wooden floor lamp. They look just the same. But, Shizuka lamp is little bit more expensive.

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