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Oak Bedroom Furniture Cleaning Tips

Oak Bedroom Furniture Construction

As bedroom is the room in the house where we spend the most of our time, we should take care of it by cleaning it every day and decorate it to suit what we want. However, some pieces of furniture may need special cleaning tips to keep their durability and quality as well, especially if you use oak bedroom furniture. Oak wood is known to have strong and durable construction. That is why many people use this wood to create furniture for their home. If your bedroom is also filled with oak bedroom furniture such as oak bed, drawers, dressers, etc, you should learn the cleaning tips to give protection to your furniture.

At least you have to dust the oak bedroom furniture by wiping the pieces using a dry cloth. In case there are some deposits that need to be removes, use solution of water and a mild soap instead of using all-purpose cleaners. Let the surface of the oak bedroom furniture dry after cleaning before being used. To get a better result of cleaning and protection, a solution of Lemon Oil can be used. You can get this mild solution in any local department stores in the cleaning sections. Compared to other furniture polishes, Lemon Oil is considered as the best one because it does not leave any residue on the furniture. Another mild solution that can be used is bees wax polish. When you use the polish, make sure that you follow the cleaning instruction written by the manufacturers.

Oak Bedroom Furniture for Allergic Tips

For your information, if you do not dust oak bedroom furniture, there will be accumulation of airborne particles on the oak wood that may lead to asthma attack and allergy for those who are allergic. As mentioned before, at least you should clean oak bedroom furniture pieces once a week, more often is better.

Oak bedroom furniture can lose its moisture in winter and this condition will make the furniture brittle. So, when the winter comes, you can keep the moisture of the furniture by applying Murphy’s Oil Soap. These tips will protect your furniture pieces and make them look beautiful. Those tips are very easy to be done. If oak bedroom furniture is maintained well, it can last for many years.  Aside from cleaning the furniture, you should also directly repair it if there are loose joints since this condition can lead to further damage because the furniture becomes weakened.

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