Monarch Specialties 1-Drawer Accent Cabinet, Mirrored

Monarch mirrored accent cabinetAccent cabinets, just like accent cabinets are nice addition for any room because they are very useful and attractive. People who have small rooms need more mirrored furniture to make the room appear larger. If you are looking for a cabinet, consider Monarch mirrored accent cabinet. This cabinet has one drawer where you can store most used items like mail, wallet, and keys. Usually accent cabinets are placed in home’s entryway so everybody can have access to them. But they can be also placed in a private room like a bedroom and serve as a nightstand where you can hold a table clock or bed lamps. Monarch accent cabinet, as described previously, is beautiful made of a combination of mirror and wood. The mirror reflects light to add shine and excitement to any decor. The cabinet drawer features chic circular handles which make the unit more appealing.


Monarch Specialties 1-Drawer Accent Cabinet, Mirrored

Monarch mirrored accent cabinet has a very smooth surface where you can place photographs, artwork, or plants. As an accent cabinet, the unit should enhance the room. There are some ideas to decorate this cabinet. You can arrange some frames in different sizes and shapes. But make sure they come in similar color and type. This idea creates a more streamlined look. You can also incorporate an elegant touch of silver. You know, silver decor work well for mirrored table and cabinet. It is a great way to dress up a mirrored cabinet. You can arrange things like silver decorative bowls and candelabras on the cabinet surface. Place a runner underneath the silver items to protect the cabinet top. Alternatively, consider placing a decorative lamp with elaborative base. Plain lamps are a bit boring. Remember that the purpose of adding lamps is for decoration, not merely for adding lights. Placing vase filled with flowers and tray with candles are also good ideas.

Monarch mirrored accent cabinet is the solution for those who are not handy enough to put things together. Yes, this cabinet does not require any assembly. You know, although usually cabinet assembly is easy, many people are just not good in it. Some of them just don’t have time. Monarch realizes this problem so they make accent cabinets with no assembly at all. Isn’t that what everyone wants? However because it is no-assembled cabinet, you may need to pay more for the shipment. If you are interested with this modern edgy piece, you can buy it from online retailers.


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