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Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

Modern Bathroom Design Combined Material

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas with Red and Green ColorModern bathroom design has a clean and sleek feeling because this design emphasize on natural materials and straight lines. Many designers and architects predict that modern bathroom design will be a timeless design in the future. Are you interested in this design idea? There are many ways to create a modern bathroom. As the design is modern, you should also use some modern materials. In this design the materials employ some natural elements combined with n manufacturing touch. Bathroom countertops are usually finished with granite with accents of stainless steel. Unique size of tile like mosaic glass tile or oversized marble are often used to give more exclusive accents.

Tile the area around the sink and above the shower for more dramatic vibe. The natural element can be set through pebbles or tile that inspires river rock. Even, if your bathroom appliances are inexpensive, you can make them look fancy by using neutral brown, black, and white shades for the floor and tile. In modern bathroom design, these neutrals are called as powerful tone. Highlight some areas such as the faucet and the sink to make the modern bathroom design look sparkling. If you want to install a vanity, make sure that the size is suitable with your bathroom space. A single vanity is better than the double one if you have a small space. Around the vanity you can add lighting to set a playful ambiance.

Modern Bathroom Design with Two Sinks

Modern Bathroom Decor Dark WallMaking you bathroom beautiful is not the only thing which is important. A modern bathroom design should be functional as well. To help you get ready easier in the morning, you can use a modern vanity with two sinks especially if the bathroom is used by more than one person. The vanity should be decorated well since it is typically set as the focal point of a modern bathroom design. You can also add both shower and tub separately with a modern glass enclosure if your bathroom is spacious.

There are some design themes incorporated by modern bathroom design. On of the popular themes is Zen bathroom. This kind of bathroom optimizes the amount of light coming to the bathroom. There is a partition to divide the toilet area and the bath area. If you wish for a luxurious bathroom, you can try spa bathroom theme. Robes, candles, and towels can be used to accessorize the room. Another favorite theme is a bathroom with a retro flair. This type of modern bathroom design incorporates bright colors and pop art.

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