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Mirrored Chest Design Characteristics

Mirrored Chest Various Materials 

You can buy a mirrored chest to complete your mirrored furniture collection. There are many options available in terms of its design. Typically a mirrored chest looks like something between a bedside table and a wardrobe. The dimension is much more like a bedside table but it has bigger capacity like a wardrobe. The most common design is the classic one in which it has four longitudinal drawers. You can put anything in the drawers while you can display other items on the table top. There are some modifications of the designs. For example, a console mirror can be attached. There is also another design where the top drawer is absent, replaced by shelves. Due to the various types of design, you can pick the one you like.

Mirrored Chest Furniture BathroomA mirrored chest is also made of various materials. Usually it is made of particleboard and chipboard medium density (MDF). There also mirrored chests made wood such as oak, pine, and walnut. However wood material is more expensive than MDF because it is more durable. Other chests combine some materials. They are, for example, made of wood but finished or laminated with glass or metals. This way, the mirrored chest looks more attractive.

Mirrored Chest Solution your Room

Mirrored Chest Modern Home FurnitureThere are things to consider when buying a mirrored chest. Different designs of room may need different types of mirrored chest. For example, a room with a high ceiling needs a low narrow chest and vice versa. It will create a sense of chest solidity. This piece also has a lot of functions. First, it is a good solution to fill the empty space in the corners. The empty corner will be more attractive. In addition, a chest can be used for your TV location. You can choose either a chest with vintage style or modern style. In the drawers, you can store remotes, CDs, and things that can clutter the area. This piece is also beneficial to be placed in the kitchen because it can store more kitchen utensils.

Mirrored Chest Nightstand DesignIf you are planning to buy a mirrored chest, you should know the signs of the good one. First of all choose the one that is suitable with your need. For example if you need to store a lot of items, you can buy a model with more drawers in large size. Choose a mirrored chest with a thick back wall as it is more reliable than that with thin back wall.

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