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Microfiber Couches Cleaning Methods

Microfiber Couches Solution Tips

Microfiber Couches Home FurnitureMicrofiber couches offers some advantages for homeowners but it also creates another problem when it comes to clean them. For regular cleaning, it is actually easy to clean microfiber couches. What you need to do is just to wipe them with clean water. When you clean the couches, you should pay attention to the tag on the furniture whether it is S, W, S-W or X. When it has S written on it, it means that a solvent-cleaner is allowed to clean it. But if there is W letter on it, you cannot use anything else but water. It is important to be noted that wrong cleaning solution can create a permanent damage that is difficult to be repaired. Most furniture has S-W tag which means that you can use either water or a solvent-cleaner. If the letter is X, you can’t even use water. Just brush your couches or use vacuum cleaner for this kind of couches.

Most microfiber couches require soap and water solution. Usually this cleaning method is used for regular cleaning, usually once a week. A cup of water will be enough. Add some drops of dishwashing soap. Damp a sponge in the soapy water and clean the sofa with that. Do not directly pour the solution into the sofa because it can damage it. You can repeat this step several times for the best result. Again, not all microfiber couches can be cleaned with soapy water. Make sure that you couches can handle this cleaning solution.

Microfiber Couches Safe Cleaning

White Microfiber CouchesLiquid detergent is also commonly used to clean microfiber couches. Like when cleaning the couches using dishwashing soap, you just need to mix the detergent with a cup of water. Liquid detergent is effective to clean debris and dirt. Again, a sponge is a good tool to be used in cleaning microfiber couches. But you should know that detergent is harsher than dishwasher. So, when you plan to apply detergent, it is better to apply a little first and see the reaction to see whether this cleaning solution is safe for your couches.

Another cleaning method to be used for cleaning microfiber couches is baking soda solution. Baking soda solution is used to remove unwanted smells on your sofas. A better idea is to use essential oils because they do not only remove the smells but also add fragrance throughout the room. The solution can be sprinkled over the smelled area. Leave it for about 15 minutes and use your vacuum cleaner to clean the powder.

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