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Master Bathroom Design in Small Space

Master Bathroom Design Choose Color and Light

Master Bathroom Design LargeIt is true that master bathroom is identical with large bathroom. But if you live in a small loft or apartment, of course it is difficult to have a big bathroom. Many times people may get frustrated to design a small master bathroom design. They just do not know how some design tricks that can make their bathroom elegant and charming. The tricks include the use of paint and accessories in light colors to create clean and fresh lines and make an illusion of a bigger bathroom. In addition, adding a glass shower and a wide mirror is also one of the master bathroom design tricks that you can learn. Keep simplicity in mind because ornate design will make you bathroom even smaller and stuffy.

Appropriate bathroom color is very important in master bathroom design especially for a small bathroom. Instead of dark colors, go for light colors. A small bathroom can appear bigger if the room is bright. That is why he wall color and the ceiling should be lightened up using neutral colors such as taupe or light cream because these colors can make the bathroom airy and open. For a small room, it does not mean that you are not allowed to use vibrant colors. You can still use vibrant or bright paisley decorative wallpaper only for one wall to characterize the room without overpowering the space. Or, you can choose only one object in the room and decorate it to be the focal point of the master bathroom design.

Master Bathroom Design with Corner Shelving

Master Bathroom IdeasIt is true that in a small bathroom, there won’t be a lot of storage space. Therefore, you should think smart to create storage that does not waste floor space. Shelving is a great master bathroom design idea. You can install some shelves on the walls. A better idea is to install corner shelving on one corner of the walls. With this idea, you do not only save space on the floor but also on the walls.

A sink is one of the vital elements in a bathroom. In a small master bathroom design, a pedestal sink is much better than a bulky vanity. It is because a pedestal sink keep the master bathroom design looking sleek and clean so that it can open up the room. Over the sink, add a wide mirror. It will make the bathroom feel larger because the mirror reflects light from light fixtures and nearby windows.

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