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Kitchen Island Tables Ideas

Kitchen Island Tables Antique Style

Kitchen Island Tables Wood IdeasKitchen island tables are functional pieces for any kitchen. Compared to conventional dining room table, a kitchen island offer more work surface and more informal place to gather with family. If there kids in your home, they will love to sit at the island. You can teach your kids how to prepare meals then. In this way, you will not only get your kids learn something but also get closer to them. Kitchen island tables are available in many options. You can purchase the one which features dining only or food preparation. You can buy them in a furniture supplier. If you are experienced in DIY project, you can build the island table yourself meaning that you can add some features you want.

One of the ideas of kitchen island tables is antique. Some people are fond of antique. You can add a sense of history to your kitchen using antique kitchen island tables which include chairs or stools with opulently stained wood and delicately turned legs. There are many styles of wood furniture which belong to antique such as country cottage, rustic, and Victorian England refinement. It will be a great pleasure to hunt antique tables in flea markets or antique shops. If originality is not really important for you, you can simply buy a faux table. Faux antique kitchen island tables are available in many stores in cheaper price than the real antique.

Kitchen Island Tables Vintage Ideas

Kitchen Cabinet IslandsAnother idea for kitchen island tables is vintage table. Vintage is a part of antique. It is made in the ’50s and ’60s. Typically vintage kitchen island tables trimmed with chrome and vintage Formica. With this island table, your kitchen will look classic. If you want to add more classic atmosphere, you can add padded bar stools with vinyl seats as a vintage accent for the island. In addition, a vintage lamp can be hung above the island for another vintage accent.

L-shape tables are the choice for people who concern about function and space. In these kitchen island tables, you can prepare food in one side while everybody can enjoy meals in another side at the same time. It also offers flawless flow in heavy-traffic kitchen. Generally this table is equipped with shelves or cabinets for more additional storage. Unfortunately, an L-shape kitchen island is only suitable for medium to large kitchen. Some kitchen island tables also function as wine rack too. This will be a good idea if you like to collect bottles of wine.

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