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Kitchen Island for More Effective

White Kitchen Island DesignA kitchen is not complete without a kitchen island. With an island, your kitchen will be a great place for family gathering in meal time. In addition to that, there will be adequate work space and storage in your kitchen. It will make your kitchen more effective. In designing a kitchen island, first of all you must consider the shapes. There are a number of shapes of island. Of course you should think about the size of the kitchen. No matter what shape you opt for, an island always becomes a good addition to any kitchen design whether you have a modern, traditional, or even rustic kitchen. There are at least six island shapes available such as rectangle as the most common one, L-shaped, another common one, square, curved, wedge, and T-shaped.

As said before, the most popular kitchen island shape is rectangle. There are of course a number of reasons behind its popularity. First, rectangular kitchen island has a wide range of sizes from the very small one to the large one. It means that you can choose the one which is suitable with your kitchen size. Moreover, this shape of island can accommodate many uses. Every side of the rectangle can be used for both display and storage. So, the whole island area can be used optimally. Usually rectangular island is equipped with step-up bars for having meals. But this option is optional meaning that you don’t need to have the bars if you don’t want too.

Kitchen Island with Portable Units

Contemporary Antique Kitchen IslandAnother functional and very popular shape is square. This kitchen island is often called as portable units that include wheels carts and tables to make some islands in the smaller kitchens. This island works very good to fill the gap between the areas in L-shaped or U-shaped kitchens. With this kitchen island, you can make use of the space. If you want to have separate meal preparation and eating areas, the best island for you is the L-shaped. Since the size is large so it requires a larger kitchen.

For unique look, you can try to have curved Kitchen Island. Curved islands are typically custom pieces. Usually there are set to complete square and rectangular islands at one end so the shape of the island will looks softened. Another unique island that can offer visual interest is T-shaped. As the name implies, it incorporates two rectangles, one is longer than the other to form a “T”.

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