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Kids Room Theme for Boys

Kids Room Theme Dark Colors

Choosing kids room theme for boys is quite challenging. It is because there are some special colors that you cannot apply there without reducing cute ambience in the room. Well, if you decorate girl bedrooms, you may use pink and other soft colors that are so cool to make the room cheerful. However, it is a boy room where many people usually choose dark colors to decorate it. In fact, dark colors make the room awkward and not good for kid’s room. The best idea to overcome it is using cute wall sticker. The darkness will be diminished by sticking the wall stickers. Here are some options of kids room theme for boys using stickers.

Mostly, boys like something manly and dangerous. That is normal. It is because, basically, they are adventurous and explorative. Dinosaur will be a good kids room theme for boys. You can stick wall stickers of Triceratops, Pterodactyl, T-Rex, Triceratops, and also Velociraptor. Besides, wall stickers, you can set a lamp shade with that theme. Bed cover is also a good target for this kids room theme as well. If your kid want more extreme thing, you can paint a big dinosaur picture on the wall. Then, give a center lamp so that it will be a focal point in the room.

Kids Room Theme Spiderman Idea

The second idea of kids room theme is Spiderman. That is one of popular super hero recently. If your kid is a big fan of this cartoon character, you should make your boy more attracted with the room using this theme. You can create it by combining red and blue for most elements in the entire room. Some wall stickers of the super hero are also good to strengthen the Spiderman concept in your project of finding a good kids room theme for boys. A big poster will be a good alternative to highlight the preference of your kid.

Besides Dinosaur and Spiderman, Outer Space World will also great for kids room theme. Dominate the room with sky blue stuff. Then, stick some wall stickers of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and other small planets. You can make the ambience of space world stronger by making the look like of the room deck of a starship. Completing the room with hatches, control panels, portholes, and also skylights will make your kids impressed with your brilliant idea. You can also stick glow-in-the-dark-space wall decals to make the kids room theme livelier.

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