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Flash Furniture FD-COFFEE-TBL-GG Glass Coffee Table

Flash Furniture Glass Coffee Table for Living Room Decoration

Glass coffee table is just perfect for any modern living room. The room will be more elegant. Glass coffee tables are available in a wide array of styles. Because of that, it is easy to find the one that can complement your living room. Flash furniture FD-COFFEE-TBL-GG table is recommended for any living room. This coffee table is very beautiful and classy. You can buy it from Amazon only for about $82.34. The table sizes 23 inch by 47 inch. It has black metals legs. This table will look more elegant if you know how to decorate it.

The simplest way to decorate a glass coffee table is to place a matching tablecloth. It will protect the glass surface while giving a decorative touch. As the coffee table has black metal legs, it will easy to find matching tablecloth and other accessories. Make sure the tablecloth also coordinate with the living room decor. To create a fresh ambiance, add flowers or plants on the table. Again, match the plants with the table and the living room theme. Different tables may need different flowers. Antique coffee tables, for instance, look good with pink roses in a ceramic vase. What about those with metal base? As it is considered as being more modern, decorate it with pretty orchids which can make the room more mesmerizing. The way you accessorize the glass coffee table actually also depends on the function of the table. Coffee tables are often used to serve drinks. Sometimes the cups can create rings on the table top. To prevent that, you can place coasters. They also serve as an ornament for the table. Other items may include startling hardcover books, photographs and glass ashtrays.

Flash Furniture Glass Coffee Table Clean Solution

A glass coffee table is a perfect addition for any room. However, just like other coffee tables, this coffee table can get dirty. Anytime it looks dusty, wipe the surface suing a dry soft cloth. To keep it clean and shining, you can clean it with vinegar solution. Mix one tablespoon of white vinegar and a cup of alcohol. Pour the solution into a clean spray bottle. Shake the bottle before you spray the glass. Wipe the glass with a dry cloth in a circular motion. Repeat this step to remove heavier stains. Although Flash Furniture coffee table has a thick glass top, for about ½ inch, there is still a possibility to get scratched. You can apply ammonia to buffee the glass. If the scracth get worse, call a glass repair specialist.

Flash Furniture Glass Coffee Table Details Product

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