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Distressed Furniture Painting Tips

Distressed Furniture Good Ideas Technique

An antique look can be obtained from using distressed furniture. But the cost of distressed furniture is expensive. If you want to get distressed pieces in a cheap way, you can paint the existing furniture to look like the distressed one. Distressing a piece of furniture is not difficult to do. It also does not take a lot of time. The most important thing is that by painting the pieces yourself, you can save a lot of money too. There are some tips that can help you do the painting. The painting consists of four parts such as preparation, painting, sanding, and finishing process.

Distressed Painted Blue Color FurnitureDistressing furniture is different from painting furniture. When you distress furniture, it does not mean that you always to sand it first. What you need to do is just clean its surface from any extra dust. You are allowed to sand if you find a type of bumped stuck on the furniture.  Sanding can distract the current painting. Sometimes, the current painting can contribute to the worn and old look of the distressed furniture. Leaving the paint that is already on the object can contribute to the whole technique.

Distressed Furniture with Light Color

After you have cleaned the object, you can start painting it. Usually distressed furniture has a two-tone look. Choose one light color and the other darker. Paint the darker one as the base. Once it bleeds through, the lighter shade can be applied. You can see the look of the object gets old when it’s done. To create a smooth painting, paint in the same direction as the wood grain. In this stage, painting an item for distressed furniture is easier than that for ordinary painting. You do not need to carefully paint the object since there are still some steps after that in order to get the distressed look. It is also fine to use one color.

Distressed Style FurnitureSanding is the important step in distressed furniture painting technique because it can wear down the paint. You can sand certain areas like handles, corners, table tops, and furniture legs, and other areas where there are a lot of wear. After you have finished sanding the furniture and it has got its distressed look, wrap it with paste furniture wax. The wax seals the exposed wood and paint. Besides, it is also a way to give a finishing touch that will make the distressed furniture looks old antique because its age, not because the painting technique.

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