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Contemporary Dining Room FurnitureDining room furniture has been improved years by years. What becomes the trend lately is quite different with the popular furniture in 1960s. All are different then. It is totally interesting to follow the improvement of it. Starting from Arts and Crafts era, this article will discuss the changes of dining room furniture from year to year. This style was popular around 1880 to 1910. Let us talk about characteristics of the furniture.  By looking the picture, it has been known that the furniture is quite simple. Clean lines are available there. Even though it is little, ornamentation and detail are completed the furniture. The furniture is identically heavy and large for the wood. Medium color stain is chosen for furnish. The seat is wood however in some occasions, the chairs are offered with upholstery made of canvas and leather.

The next generation of dining room furniture is Duncan Phyfe. The style was truly popular in 1795 to 1848. Duncan Phyfe is a cabinetmaker as well. Gracefulness and delicateness are the impression that the furniture tries to transfer. Carved legs are the most common ornamentation applied in the furniture. Besides carved legs, a leaf design, circle, drapery, and also arrow are popular for the neoclassic motifs of the details. You can get an instance by looking at the chairs with this type dining room style. A Myriad of fabrics is available in the upholstered seat. Some details can also be defined before. The materials of dining room furniture with this style used are usually rosewood, satinwood, cherry, fruit wood, and also maple.

Dining Room Furniture Gothic Inspired

Moving on 1840 to 1910, Victoria dining room furniture came out. For those who like Gothic style, they must still apply it in their home recently. A heavy dark wood is used in this style. That is presented with shapes inspired Gothic. Plant motif and scroll one is also put in the Victorian dining room furniture. Every single piece in the set is shown with carvings. Those are used to boast somber look. The back of the upholstery is curvy. It is going to be more stunning with setting some grates in front part of the glass.

Fine Dining Room FurnitureThe last discussion, contemporary dining room furniture will be showing up. It is the style that is still become recognizable till this year. However, at first, the style is started by the showing of Scandinavian contemporary. The wood for the materials are usually pine, ash, and also birch. Flatness and simplicity are what this dining room furniture tries to show up.

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