Decorative Throw Blankets for Bed: The Functional Item with Added Esthetics

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Decorative throws and blankets

The idea of using decorative throw blankets for bed eludes many in most occasions. When in bed (or in a bedroom in general), people tend to choose something that is more practical to use. Throw blankets themselves are not really purposeful in themselves. If you are not familiar with this item, a throw blanket is a blanket that is placed rather randomly to create a sense of layers and textures within a room. In a manner of speaking, you kind of ‘throw’ the blanket to a spot where it works as something to enhance the esthetics of a room.

When you emphasis the decorative aspect of a throw blanket, it sort of pointless, don’t you think? It is a blanket but it is a decoration item. People would rather use a blanket-blanket to a throw blanket because the former is warm and snuggly while the latter, well, is just a pretty piece of fabric that the room can do without. Now if that is the way you view a throw blanket, you could not be any more wrong. A throw blanket is as decorative as it is functional. Think about it; it sits comfortably in a bed, making it look great all the time. At moment’s notice, when you feel cold sleeping, you can just drag it up your body and continue your dream afterward.

As a matter of fact, decorative throw blankets for bed are much more lightweight than that thick blanket you rely on so much. As such, it can be used as another layer you can stack up the regular blanket to add extra warmth when the temperature drops so low the thermostat is practically useless. Their color, on the other hand, makes for accent hue that either improves a bedroom or tones it all down a notch.

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Bedding blankets and throws

end of bed throw blanketAs they play into your bedroom setting, the decorative throw blankets for bed you choose should be able to cover all bases. Think about suitability; there are throw blankets that are offered in solid colors while there are some in print. If your bedroom is plain-looking, spice things up with a throw that has polka dot, strip, or floral prints on it. But if your bedroom is already loaded with all things decorative, bring it all down with a throw blanket that appears solid in color and choose a calm and subdued hue.

Traditional-themed bedroom could use a floral print blanket, provided that the bedroom isn’t already full of accessories. Your contemporary bedroom could benefit from a pop of color courtesy of a geometric print blanket. Think about the fabric as well. Soft knit throw blanket is perfect for those requiring extra snuggle at night. But if the blanket would go to the floor too often, pick the sturdier types. Beyond the comfort they provide, throw blankets are truly useful when it comes to protecting Furniture while adding some pizazz to your bedroom. Tuck it over the back of bedroom sofas or chairs and not only would they look beautiful but they would also be protected from scratch.



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