Custom Glass Table Tops to Salve Your Old Coffee Table

custom glass for a table

So, your most favorite coffee table lacks its glass table top due to it breaking years ago. You tuck it away and now it collects dust and is waiting for the time when its structural integrity fades away. Truth be told, that is the tricky part of getting a glass-top table—any kind of tables. While they look pretty and elegant and all, their fragile top is susceptible to breaking. And whenever glass breaks, it makes for health hazard that threatens everyone in vicinity. But of course you have made sure that all those shard and sharp pieces are taken care of and your living room is now free of anything capable of piercing the skin.

But what of the remains of that pretty and elegant coffee table then? Is that the end of the line for it? Is there nothing you can do to salve it? Well, as long as it is just the glass top that is ruined, you can always find a service that offers custom glass table tops to breathe a new life into that coffee table and reuse it the way it was. As each glass table comes with its own design, buying a sheet of glass randomly would not do the trick and unless you have the tools and the skills to work on that glass sheet, your money would go down the drain eventually. Customizing the glass to fit the table precisely is your only hope if you are that keen of reusing the old coffee table.

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There are companies out there that offer custom glass table tops. You can contact them and provide information regarding the table you want them to fix. Take measurement of the space on the table where the glass should go and the team would work on your order in accordance. Or, if they provide the service, you can ask them to come and take the measurements themselves to save from miscalculating the dimensions. Do not forget to appropriate the type of the glass with your daily use of the table following installment of new top.

Basically speaking, there are two types of custom glass table tops that you can choose: ceramic glass and tempered glass. Ceramic glass is more commonly used when high temperature is involved all the time, which makes it perfect for lab purposes, stoves (gas or wood), ovens, and fireplaces. When broken it doesn’t shatter but crumble into large pieces. Its appearance is clear with a subtle hint of amber. Despite its proper purposes, you can always use this glass for the table top if you want to. There is no need for protection for the glass when hot stuff is placed over it but you should be careful not to break it. Tempered glass is durable and strong although it is still breakable. The glass is heat-treated; when broken, instead of large piece of shards, the glass breaks into oval-shaped pebbles that are safe for removal. The glass is heat-resistant but it’s suggested that you should always use a trivet whenever hot dishes or beverages are involved.


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