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Coaster Shearwater Coffee Table

Coaster Shearwater Coffee Table with Glass and Metal Style

Are you looking for a coffee table to adorn your home? Consider Coaster Shearwater coffee table. This coffee table is very stylish because it has an elegant curved base. Topped with a glass surface, the coffee table looks more stunning. In addition to the floating glass tip, this modern coffee table features metal support finished with scaled satin. It has high polished black base. Can you imagine how striking it is? This durable and stylish coffee table can really break up the room. It will attract guests’ attention. With this table, you will be proud welcoming guests visiting your home.

Coaster Shearwater Coffee Table for Decoration

Coaster Shearwater coffee table offers stirring opportunities for decoration. Because such glass coffee table is translucent the decoration can be done above and underneath the table. Let’s start with the decoration underneath the table. What can we do for this area? Think about placing a small bouquet of live plants or flowers of your favorite. This decoration will be visible as the glass has see-through table surface. Now let’s move on the area above the table. There are plenty ideas. Glass coffee table looks good with crystal items like glass figurines or glass chess. Another way to decorate the coffee table is to play with lighting. The display on the table can be back-lighted because the table has a glass top. A glass container on the table filled with colored glass flowers can glisten and liven up the living room, especially if you also place shimmering or pearl glass beads. Lighten up the splendor of these extras from below by putting together a string of rope lights around the perimeter and below the table. Alternatively, you can place a tiny up-lighter underneath the table to pull off the same look.

Where can you buy Coaster Shearwater coffee table? As this table is very popular right now, you can easily find it in retailers like Amazon, Wayfair, eBay, and the like. How much does this stylish coffee table cost? You can buy it from Amazon and other retailers respectively for approximately $232. Don’t you think it is quite affordable for such stylish table? To complement the table and enhance the room decor, you can also buy matching sofa and end tables. They are sold separately. If you buy them, you can get some discounts. Isn’t that interesting? Decorating a room with furniture sets matching each others can really enhance the decor.

Coaster Shearwater Coffee Table Details Product Coaster Shearwater Coffee Table

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