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Bathroom Wall Cabinets Installation

Bathroom Wall Cabinets for Neat Tools

Bathroom wall cabinets can be useful pieces in a way that they can add additional space for storing toiletries and other items. The presence of bathroom wall cabinets can make your bathroom well-arranged. It will better o store hair products, topical ointments, toothpaste, and the like in a cabinet instead of placing them on the bathroom counter so that the counter will be clean and neat. Another function of the cabinets is related to their features. There are some wall cabinets that feature a mirror on their doors. It means that you do need to buy and install a mirror separately. Since the wall cabinets are quite important, you must have one in your bathroom. There are many types of bathroom cabinet that you can purchase in a local home improvement store. You can either ask someone install the cabinet or install it yourself. To save money, installing the cabinet yourself is recommended. The installation requires a few tools and simple tasks.

White Bathroom Wall CabinetsFirst of all, you must determine the place to hang the bathroom wall cabinets. After you decide where the bathroom wall cabinets will be installed, prepare a stud finder and place the wall studs using the stud finder in the area of the installation. The stability can be obtained if the wall cabinet is installed into two studs. Moreover, the bottom edge of the wall cabinet should be supported by screwing support rail.

Bathroom Wall Cabinets Support Rail the Top Line

As well as the bottom edge, the top edge of the cabinet should be also supported with the support rail along the top line. There are kinds of support rail available at local stores. You have to choose the ones with the same length as the wide of the bathroom wall cabinets. It should be secured using at least four 2 inch screws. Before placing the bathroom wall cabinets, more crews should be installed into the studs for better result.

Modern Bathroom Wall Storage CabinetsAfter that, the next step of bathroom wall cabinets’ installation is to place the cabinet on top of the support rail against the wall. You may need a help of another person if the bathroom wall cabinets are too heavy or big. Fasten 2 inch screws to the real wall side and 2 more screws on the back wall. After the cabinet is successfully attached on the bathroom wall, clean the inside of the cabinet. Remove all wood shavings if any. Then, install the shelves inside. Finally, the cabinet is ready to use. You can fill it up with toiletries and other items.

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