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Bathroom Vanities and Sinks in Unique Ideas

Bathroom Vanities and Sinks Personal Style

Instead of having a simple sink and vanity for your bathroom, why do not you go unusual? There are some bathroom vanities and sinks in unique ideas that can make your bathroom looks exclusive. Of course there are many ways to get a unique look of a bathroom. However, since both bathroom vanities and sinks are major furniture pieces in this room, they play significant role in creating a certain look. If your bathroom is unique, you will never get bored using this room many times a day. Instead, you will love your bathroom very much. The presence of various ideas makes you able to choose the model of the sinks and vanities that represent your personal style.

Modern Bathroom Vanities and Sinks Simple RoomThe unique look of bathroom vanities and sinks can be created through their dresser, desk, shelving, and the tile. For the vanity, a low dresser is better than a traditional countertop. If you have a standard sink, a hole in the top of the dresser can be cut. If you gave a double sink, there will be two holes that need to be cut. Since dressers have various height. So, to put up a drop-in sink, you should consider raising the dresser from the bottom to your personal comfortable height. For plumbing on the back of the dresser, several holes are required. In order to make the bathroom vanities and sinks look more unique and attractive you can paint the dresser in a color which matches the rest area.

Bathroom Vanities and Sinks Utilitarian Inside

Do you know that a desk can be used as a bathroom vanity? This can be one of unique ideas of bathroom vanities and sinks. This idea will result in a utilitarian look of bathroom vanities and sinks. A desk made of old metal can give a unique look. In order to make the vanity more functional, you can install a vessel sink made of stainless steel between the drawers on the two desk sides. You, then, therefore can use the drawers as extra storage for your bathroom.

Bathroom Vanity and Sinks Units with Black ThemeMoreover, bathroom vanities and sinks can look more unique by using mosaic tiles. Such tiles are powerful to make the bathroom vanities and sinks appear more attractive. There are various designs of mosaic tiles. A checkerboard or diamonds are the examples of excellent designs and patterns of the mosaic tiles. Make sure that get tiles you select can coordinate with the rest design if the bathroom.

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