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Bathroom Storage Ideas for Small Space

Bathroom Storage Ideas for Safe

Bathroom Storage IdeasDo not be upset of you have a small bathroom. As long as there are enough spaces for toilet paper rolls and a few towels, having a small bathroom is not really a nightmare. If you want to make the bathroom look bigger, the simplest thing to do is to avoid a cluttered look. Such look is usually caused by the lack of bathroom storage that results in unorganized things. It means that the presences of adequate bathroom storage ideas are very important. There are many ideas to provide ample storage although there is lack of actual space. The bathroom storage ideas that will be further explained are easy to create and do not need a lot of money for the construction.

Among all bathroom storage ideas, the idea of installing storage space on the wall is probably the most popular one. Cabinets and shelves can be attached on the wall. These pieces, as well as other bathroom storage ideas can be purchased in any home improvement stores and usually need to be assembled yourself.

Bathroom Storage Ideas in Ceiling

Bathroom Storage Solutions Simple IdeasWhen there are no more spaces on the floor, attaching some storage boxes o the wall or below the ceiling can be great bathroom storage ideas. The area below the ceiling, for example, is rarely used. Why don’t you make use of this area? It is not common in fact, but it can be the solution. The storage for this area can be cheap wooden shelving that is placed 8-10 inches from the ceiling. The shelves can then be used to store things like roll towels, for instance. They can be stacked for a tidy and neat look as well. Buy some ornate boxes in which you can store extra toiletries such as razors, soap, band aids, and shampoo. To find the items quickly anytime you need them, labeling each box can be one of the smart bathroom storage ideas.

Your bathroom may be small but all bathrooms usually have the same size of doors. Bathroom storage ideas are based on how you can make the best use of particular space. Do you know that the back of the door is one of the potential areas to be functioned as storage? Perhaps not many people know that the back of the door belongs to brilliant bathroom storage ideas. In this area, you can place plastic holder to store things like cleaning products, hair brushes, curling iron, hair dryers, and the like.

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