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Bathroom sink cabinets are functional and can be the key aesthetic piece of the bathroom. These cabinets can be made out from many different species of wood and also take on many styles. Those integrated pieces of cabinetry can feature a counter top or sink top with a drop in sink. These cabinets have been around since contemporary plumbing. The bathroom sink cabinets started as a furniture piece which held a vessel sink. There was also a valve or faucet above the bowl. This bowl would need to be dumped out seeing that there was not plumbing waste lines linked. It replaced the washstand which held a bowl and pitcher.

contemporary bathroom sink cabinet, bathroom sink cabinet design

At what time contemporary plumbing had a waste line and supply, the bathroom sink cabinets were built in lastingly in the bathroom. There was also hard plumbing linked to the sink for the exclusion of waste water. Those bathroom sink cabinets could have a number of types of tops. Laminates, tile, wood, granite, and other material tops could be used for holding a drop in sink. You might also pay for a one piece sink as well as countertop for those cabinets.

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Bathroom Sink Cabinets Species from Wood

The bathroom sink cabinets can be made out from many species of wood to suit to your interior. Being a separate space the cabinetry and trim does not need to fit the rest of the home. Oak has been a popular wood applied in bathroom cabinetry. Ash, walnut, maple, hickory, elm, pine, and some other species make beautiful cabinetry. Those woods can be finished in several ways and they can be left natural or stained. Staining bathroom sink cabinets will carry the grain out in the wood. Caring finishes are essential in a bathroom cabinet to care for it from any high concentration of moisture in the space.

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The bathroom sink cabinets come in many sizes and the depths of the cabinets range between 18 and 21 inches. The lengths of the cabinets start at 18 inches and can also be custom made to match any location. The cabinets generally have drawers and doors in them. They make a good place to store up bathroom toiletries. The design of the door helps in installing the sink and also other plumbing pieces. Those can be square and simple. In addition, the doors can be flat and solid, flat paneled, or raised paneled. The bathroom sink cabinets have found a place in most houses these days.

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