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Bathroom Furniture Vanity Types

Bathroom Furniture Vanity Wall Mounted Idea

Bathroom Furniture VanityBathroom furniture vanity is one of the significant pieces that a bathroom must have. A vanity is an installation of cabinet and counter intended to support the sink and conceal eyesore plumbing. In choosing the type of bathroom furniture vanity, the consideration lays on the budget and personal style. The size of the bathroom should also be considered. The types which are available include wall-mounted, double, free-standing, and open vanity. Besides, there are also a number of unusual types of vanity. Among all of those types, the most commonly installed are the free standing and wall mounted types. Each type may come in a variety materials and sizes.

If your bathroom is not big enough that there are no plenty space for a lot of furniture to be set there, the best idea is wall-mounted bathroom furniture vanity. This type of vanity is ideal for a small bathroom because it does not use up a lot of floor space in a way that this vanity is installed on the bathroom wall. This bathroom furniture vanity is equipped with bathroom storage in the form of under-the-sink cabinets. The cabinets are meant to put out the plumbing of sight. In installing wall-mounted vanity, you should pay attention to the plumbing installation especially if the sink requires both cold and hot water. The alternative of such small bathroom is an open vanity. An open vanity is a vanity with no cabinets enclosed and installed.

Bathroom Furniture Vanity UnitsBathroom Furniture Vanity of Free Standing

Another common type of bathroom furniture vanity is free-standing vanity. Although it is portable, it does not mean that the vanity can be moved easily. It is because the plumbing is attached to the sink of the vanity. There are various styles of free-standing bathroom furniture vanity that you can choose from. You can either choose the ornate vanities with drawers and cabinets or the ones that are similar to the style of the wall-mounted vanity.

If you have quite large master bedroom, you are able to get the benefits of a double bathroom furniture vanity. It is because this vanity requires much plumbing because of its longer length. As the name implies, this vanity holds double sinks, meaning that there are two sinks equip this piece. Compared to single vanity, the double vanity also has more cabinets. Usually it holds two or three cabinets. In each cabinets there is enough counter space and some drawers. This bathroom furniture vanity is available either free standing or wall-mounted.Furniture Style Bathroom Vanities


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