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Bathroom Designs for Small Bathroom in Rustic Look

Bathroom Designs for Small Bathroom Surface Material

Perhaps, it will be easy for you to find modern bathroom designs for small bathroom. It is because the basic design for modern room is clean and simple lines. With such design, it will be not too difficult to create convenient bathroom designs for small bathroom. However, if you are fond of rustic or country design and want to bring this design into your tiny bathroom, it will be easier said than done. A rustic bathroom should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing with utilitarian and natural style. The design can be gained from glazed tile walls, shiny polished chrome fixtures, and modern furnishings.

Bathroom Designs for Small Bathrooms Green LayoutsOne of the key bathroom designs for small bathroom is the surface materials. If you want to create a rustic look in your bathroom, use durable and natural materials to cover the floors as well as the counters. The materials of bathroom designs for small bathroom can be wood of course, granite, marble, and other materials made of stone. Wood is chosen because this material offers a more natural, warm appeal. Meanwhile, stones provide an extensive and graceful feel. In addition, ceramic tiles in light color with an earth tone can create a stupendous rustic glance. But, you should think twice to use such ceramics because of they are very pricey. As the alternatives, you can just use rug or mats made of woven, natural fiber to cover the bathroom floor.

Bathroom Designs for Small Bathroom Natural Stone Walls

A rustic appeal can also be generated from the look of your bathroom walls. Use travertine or other natural stones to give the walls an uneven, textural look. If your budget does not allow, just cover the existing walls with a casual coast of rough plaster. The rough surface of the bathroom walls that is full of dings and scratches set a natural beauty of “imperfections”. What cool bathroom designs for small bathroom they are. Of course the idea of using wooden never goes wrong for rustic tiny bathroom because wood increases the rustic aesthetic.

Bathroom Designs for Small BathroomsIf your bathroom is very small, there is no need to insert many fixtures in the bathroom designs for small bathroom. Claw-foot bathtubs, handles tubs, porcelain, and bronze faucets with country and antique style are enough fixtures that you can set in the bathroom. Do not forget about the bathroom storage because it is also a part of bathroom designs for small bathroom. To store toiletries, terracotta flowerpots, classic wooden trays, and fiber baskets can be used.

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