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Art Deco Furniture a Combination of Modern and Vintage

Art Deco Home Furniture StyleSome people may fond of modern design and some other admire traditional design. For those who are in between meaning that they seek a combination of modern and vintage, Art Deco furniture can be the best idea. This kind of furniture can include the elements of functionality and beauty from mixed materials, elements, and color from the past so it becomes new and popular again right know. Art Deco furniture was born in the 1920s in Paris. It has some characteristics that make it different from furniture from Victorian era. Art Deco pieces can add beauty and value that can’t be found in other style of furniture. That is why this furniture is very special.

Art Deco Furniture Style GalleryArt Deco furniture is known for its geometry. It plays a huge role in determining the motifs and themes. This pattern can be found in Mexican, Egyptians, and African tribal-art themes in the form of the moon, the sun, the stars, and other glorified natural wonders. Exotic animals like tigers, giraffes, and zebra influence the fabric for chair and sofa. In addition, geometric patterns of Art Deco furniture are also created using circular, triangles, and layered design. These geometric designs provide show design counterpoint to the soft curved lines of vintage Art Deco pieces.

Art Deco Furniture Sleek Lines Design

Another characteristic of Art Deco furniture is the sleek lines. It brings streamlined design, sleek and rounded corners, and futuristic style into play. Chairs and sofas often have curved faintly inward, creating sensuousness and intimacy. This sleek line shows the modern side of Art Deco furniture. Art Deco design also introduces modular design for the first time. Modular design means a set of separate pieces with curved edges. They are designed in innovative and bold style so that they are comfortable and inviting. Modular Art Deco is very popular today. They are available for any rooms.

Art Deco Small TableArt Deco furniture uses unique combination of materials. Typically, this furniture is made of a combination of chrome, plastics, metals, or glass with wood. This combination will create reflective embellishments and textural elements. Art Deco pieces often have glossy or shiny finishes making them look more appealing. Moreover, the fabrics also have special characteristics to enhance the sense of opulence and luxury in Art Deco furniture. Sleek styling is created from the use of sumptuous fabrics with exaggerated floral geometric patterns and animal prints on it. For the finishing touches, the furniture uses trim details like edgings and tassels.


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