Advantages of Using Oak Dining Table and Chairs

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oak dining table and 6 chairsNaturally oakwood dining set

For those don’t already know, oak dining table and chairs make for the best addition to the room setting. This type of wood is very well-known for its sturdiness that makes it perfect for a wide array of purposes. Oak wood is also naturally impervious to infestation of insects and fungus thanks to the high concentration of tannin within it. When made into furniture, oak is a heavy-duty material that can make for good investment. Its natural color is already enticing but that does not mean you cannot apply your own favorite shades to the surface of this wood and with some more varnishing, the furniture can be used even longer.

If your dining room is not yet fitted with furniture of this material, it might be a good time to do so now. You can get a set of furniture that is durable for a long time and upgrade the whole scene with a new breath of refreshing additions. But it might be a problem for you to determine whether or not to purchase a furniture set made of this durable wood. Then again, there is nothing you cannot achieve following a thorough inspection and mix-matching.

First of all, take measurement. Compare the size of your dining room (maybe including the kitchen if the dining room is connected to the kitchen) to the size of the oak dining table and chairs you are going to purchase. Smaller space can make use of one dining table and two chairs. Medium-sized spaces can be fitted with one mid-size dining table and chair sets enough for 5 to 9 persons. If you have an immense dining room, go for the large-sized dining tables capable of seating up to twelve individuals.

Oak Solid Table OvalOak dining table round set

These big tables usually come with extension for their tabletop to accommodate more when needed. Secondly, the shape of the furniture. Oak dining tables are available in a variety of shapes including oval, round, square, and rectangular. While all of them are perfect for any sort of decorations, their shape correlates directly with the size of the room. If your dining room is tight, oval or round dining tables would not make for maximum use of available space. You can save more room by buying chair sets to occupy one side of the table while utilizing a bench for the other side.

Thirdly, oak dining table and chairs can go with either traditional or modern homes. Traditional-themed houses can benefit from oak wood furniture. Choose one set that has mid-age sense to it and colors of black, white, avocado, or orange. Furniture of this theme can heighten the classic look of the dining room tremendously. Modern-themed houses can make use of a furniture set that boasts clean lines and metal components. Dining tables and chairs with rustic design will imbue the dining room with exceptional sophistication. Your dining table can be made into a focal point in the room. Add more elements that match the furniture as a whole and don’t be afraid to go with upholsteries long as everything merges together flawlessly.


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